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The podcast about Oakland. A sonic cultural ode. From the locals to the transplants, the deep East to the Lower Bottoms, and the kickback to the function. Each month, we'll take a theme and dissect the different nuances of being Black in the Town from historical and current perspectives. Welcome to the land of the woke.

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    12. F.U.B.U.

    On this episode, we talk to some of the prominent Black-owned business owners in the Bay to figure out how they've maintained their presence and survived through the storms.

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    09. Gentrification: A West Oakland Story (Part 2)

    For this episode on gentrification, we sat down with our neighbor Stanley, to provide us some context on how he has seen his neighborhood in West Oakland take different form.

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    07. Transplants Everywhere

    Bay Area Transplants: What they're doing here, why they settled in the Bay Area, and why they love Oakland

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    06. Listen To The Kids, Bro! Edutainment w/ Ben Gilbarg & Griot B

    With the rise of social media, video games, and iPhones, engaging children in classrooms is harder than ever. We spoke to Ben Gilbarg of Big Picture Anthems and Griot B of Schoolyard Rap about edutainment aka "educational entertainment" and how schools can turn their low engagement around by fusing hip hop culture into their curriculums.

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    05. Where Are The Black Girls In Tech?

    Where are the Black women in tech? When we found out that only 3% of Black women occupy the tech space, we were both astonished and saddened by the statistic. So we kept digging. Turns out, that not only do they only account for 3% of tech roles but those numbers are on the decline. In fact, the amount of Black women in tech is 13% less than it was 10 years ago. Yes, you read that right! But why is that? We needed to know, so we went out to find the factors that were contributing to this. Enter Tamisha Monet and Zakiya Harris: two Black women from deep East Oakland who are killin' it in tech.

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    04. In The Bay We Dance A Lil Different

    Anyone who grew up in the Bay Area knows that the nightlife scene is pretty interesting to say the least. Growing up in San Jose, we didn't have many options as far as big clubs or events, and apparently Oakland didn't either. For a few years, Greek parties took over the Bay Area party scene, and when that came to a halt there was a monopoly between 1-2 promoters who held down ALL the functions in the Bay (shoutout to Demetrius from Location415, where Amina & Shayla first met). Now, years later, that's all changed. There are a bunch of nightlife movements happening in the Bay and we got the chance to speak to the founders of two of the biggest - Shayla Bang of So Oakland, and Amina & Jesse Brooks of TrapxArt. Not only do these brands give you parties and provide a space to function, they also give you a platform to promote your art, your talent, and facilitate a safe space for you to do it in.

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