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The podcast about Oakland. A sonic cultural ode. From the locals to the transplants, the deep East to the Lower Bottoms, and the kickback to the function. Each month, we'll take a theme and dissect the different nuances of being Black in the Town from historical and current perspectives. Welcome to the land of the woke.

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    14. "N*gga" in The Bay (Season 2 Premiere)

    We’re backkkkkkkkkkk!!! We enter Season 2 with a bang and have a much needed conversation surrounding the n-word and its place in The Bay Area’s vocabulary by non-black people of color.

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    12. F.U.B.U.

    On this episode, we talk to some of the prominent Black-owned business owners in the Bay to figure out how they've maintained their presence and survived through the storms.

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    09. Gentrification: A West Oakland Story (Part 2)

    For this episode on gentrification, we sat down with our neighbor Stanley, to provide us some context on how he has seen his neighborhood in West Oakland take different form.

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